Guiding Principles

Citizens Trust & Investments is dedicated to providing professional financial services that will help our clients accumulate wealth and care for their families from one generation to the next.  Our motto: Wealth management for life…and later, sums up our approach to serving our clients.

To help us maintain our mission, we have established the following guiding principles for our firm:

  1. Our clients are why we are in business. We have been entrusted to manage their wealth and their vision for the future as well as the future of their loved ones. We must never violate that trust.
  2. While we strive for the highest degree of industry knowledge and professionalism, we must remember to first understand the concerns of our clients. A client will not necessarily care about how much we know until they know how much we care.
  3. We will promote a culture of security, empathy and caring; for our clients as well as our staff.
  4. We will conduct our professional and our personal lives in a manner that will never diminish our reputation or that of our firm.

These are our guiding principles.  We intend to abide by them and to hold ourselves and each other accountable to them in our personal and professional lives.